Thank you for your interest in applying to mHUB’s Accelerated Incubation program for MedTech startups. The application period will remain open until August 23rd, 2021. The in-person program will officially begin in Q4 2021 at mHUB in Chicago, Illinois.

Before You Apply...

Before proceeding with this application, will you be able to spend 6 months in Chicago to participate in the program? If the answer is "yes", please complete all sections of this application in their entirety to be considered for participation in the mHUB MedTech accelerator. Gathering compelling responses for this application may take a few hours. You can download a PDF outlining the full list of application questions to help you plan ahead before getting started. You will not be able to advance through the application without adding content for the required fields in each section. Any progress will be saved, tied to your email address, so you may start and stop at any time.

Application Checklist:

You will need:

  1. Details about the problem your company/product solves
  2. A picture of your product and link(s) to any multimedia that demonstrates your product
  3. Data from your market research; including TAM, TTM, CAGR, and customer acquisition metrics
  4. Bios, certificates & licenses of all team members
  5. Details about value proposition, patents, product validation and scaling
  6. A PDF file of your business plan & Capitalization table
  7. Revenue data from the last 3 years
  8. Total funding raised to-date, including from grants, crowdfunding, pitch competitions, etc. *Please include all funding rounds, terms, and dollars raised.
  9. Details on debt load, monthly expense totals, and financial runway forecast
  10. Summary of regulatory requirements related to your specific product

By starting this application and clicking submit, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. After you have completed the application, you will receive an email notice when there is an update on the status of your application.  For any questions, contact

About our selection criteria:

Our robust selection committee will carefully review every application. The selection will follow different steps. In a first step the selection committee will review the application according to the criteria below. Next steps will include phone, video and/or on-site interviews. 

  1. MARKET POTENTIAL - Market size, go-to-market and customer acquisition strategy
  2. TEAM POTENTIAL – Experience, diversity, execution-focused, commitment, coachable
  3. PRODUCT SOLUTION – Problem to be solved, novel and manufacturable solution, differentiators
  4. STRATEGIC APPROACH – Business model, financial acumen, vision, regulatory / reimbursement
  5. STRUCTURE/GOVERNANCE – Capital structure, risk management, board of directors/advisors (if any)

*For applicants who want to edit a previouly submitted application, please make sure you are logged in with the same email address and phone number with which you initially submitted your application. Remember that modifications to your application will not be accepted after 11:59 pm CST on Monday, August 23rd, 2021. 

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